General Election November 8, 2022 – VOTE!

The November 8 General Election is approaching faster than a speeding train… ARE YOU READY??

Here are some important dates to start off with:

Tuesday, October 11, 2022 – Last day to register to vote
SOOOOO,,, if you or someone you know is not registered to vote, get registered now, don’t put this off till the last day!

Monday, October 24, 2022 First Day of Early Voting
Friday, November 4, 2022
Last Day of Early Voting

Last day to receive (not postmarked) Application for Ballot by Mail is:
Friday, October 28, 2022

Last Day to receive (not postmarked) FPCA application for Ballot by Mail is:
Friday, October 28, 2022

All Bastrop voting information can be found on :

There you can find:

All other counties contact you Elections Administrator on your County website.

There you can also find out how to become an election worker, poll watcher and training, in other words……get involved in the election process.

*** Pull your sample ballot and research the candidates before you get to your polling location! Remember you must now darken each oval for the candidate of your choice, no more straight party voting.

Places to check out candidates: Ballotpedia, Google their website, Local races contact Election Administration @ for campaign finance reports. Texas Ethics to research State candidates campaign finance reports. this is the simple search, click on filer name

Federal candidates: The Federal Election Commission If already in office :


Please feel free to blog your findings on helpful information, it takes a lot of time and effort to do this research, if we all do a little bit a lot will get done, information will be shared and we can then make informed decisions!

Please however, no slandering, or abusive language, just the facts pertinent to the job!

Thanks – Terry Wareham – Bastrop County TEA Party

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World Health 75th Assembly – Elimination of U.S. Sovereignty Healthcare Make Your Voice Heard!

From: Bastrop County TEA Party Terry Wareham, May 13, 2022

This article explains what the World Health Assembly is and how to take a stand. These are changes the Biden administration has been secretly hiding. These 13 amendments were announced on the Federal Register on May 6, comments were open & closed the same day, with only certain minorities being invited. (Not sure how that can happen?) These are to be voted on May 27-28 in Geneva Switzerland. The U.S delegates being sent are the heads of HHS.

If passed, and it is believed they have the votes, will take effect in 6 months, November. Anthony Fauci is saying there will be another pandemic (strain) in the fall!

****This is an existing treaty. Since only the 13 amendments are being revised, this does NOT require a vote from our Congress!!!!

We will be giving our health sovereignty to a World Health Organization of dictators!

Please take the time to alert your Congress/Senate. Send to everyone you know.


Stakeholder Comment Session: embly/74090/

The letter in the Stakeholder Comment can be reworded a bit to send out to Representatives and anyone you can think of! There is not much time to get the word out!

How to take a Stand Against World Health:

World Health Assembly:

United Nations:

Who/What is the World Health Assembly?

The World Health Assembly (WHA) is the governing body meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO), the technical health agency of the United Nations  . The WHA takes place each May at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and is attended by delegations from all 194 Member States. During the one week meeting, countries agree to resolutions, adopt action plans, supervise finances, review and approve the proposed budgets, discuss key public health issues, and determine the policies of the organization.

The Secretary of Health and Human Services leads the U.S. delegation to WHA.


Key Issues to Understand

On January 18th 2022, the United States Department of Health and Human Services proposed amendments to the IHR. These amendments give control over the declaration of a public health emergency in any member state to the WHO Director-General – even over the objection of the member state. The Director-General communicated the text of the proposed amendments on 20 January 2022, via a circular letter to State Parties. 

The proposed IHR amendments also cede control to WHO “regional directors,” who are given the authority to declare a Public Health Emergency of Regional Concern (PHERC). Moreover, the proposed amendments allow the Director-General to ring an international alarm bell, by unilaterally issuing an “Intermediate Public Health Alert (IPHA).”

Properly understood, the proposed IHR amendments are directed towards establishing a globalist architecture of worldwide health surveillance, reporting, and management. Consistent with a top-down view of governance, the public will not have opportunities to provide input or criticism concerning the amendments. This, of course, is a direct violation of the basic tenets of democracy and can be compared to the separate new pandemic treaty.

Summary of Selected Proposed Amendments to the IHR

The WHO intends to amend 13 IHR articles: 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 18, 48, 49, 53, 59

  1. Increased surveillance: Under Article 5, the WHO will develop early warning criteria that will allow it to establish a risk assessment for a member state, which means that it can use the type of modeling, simulation, and predictions that exaggerated the risk from Covid-19 over two years ago. Once the WHO creates its assessment, it will communicate it to inter-governmental organizations and other member states.
  2. 48-hour deadline: Under Articles 6, 10, 11, and 13, a member state is given 48 hours to respond to a WHO risk assessment and accept or reject on-site assistance. However, in practice, this timeline can be reduced to hours, forcing it to comply or face international disapproval lead by the WHO and potentially unfriendly member states. 
  3. Secret sources: Under Article 9, the WHO can rely on undisclosed sources for information leading it to declare a public health emergency. Those sources could include Big Pharma, WHO funders such as the Gates Foundation and the Gates-founded-and-funded GAVI Alliance, as well as others seeking to monopolize power.
  4. Weakened Sovereignty: Under Article 12, when the WHO receives undisclosed information concerning a purported public health threat in a member state,  the Director-General may (not must) consult with the  WHO Emergency Committee and the member state. However, s/he can unilaterally declare a potential or actual public health emergency of international concern. The Director General’s authority replaces national sovereign authority. This can later be used to enforce sanctions on nations.
  5. Rejecting the amendments: Under Article 59, after the amendments are adopted by the World Health Assembly, a member state has six months to reject them. This means November, this year. If the member state fails to act, it will be deemed to have accepted the amendments in full.  Any rejection or reservation received by the Director-General after the expiry of that period shall have no force and effect.

The World Council for Health’s Position On Proposed IHR Amendments

The WCH opposes the unnecessary and dystopian move toward centralized control of public health. This proven harmful model assumes that only one entity, WHO, understands how to manage the health policy of every state – and by implication, the health of each and every individual. It also assumes, incorrectly, that Big Pharma’s controversial model of medicine which is the WHO’s preferred model – is the expert guide to better health and wellness. 

These proposed IHR amendments will be voted upon at the next World Health Assembly, which will take place in Geneva, May 22 to 28, 2022. The official agenda item is 16.2. It is not clear if the event will be broadcast for transparency. Thus, the WCH believes that it is essential to campaign against the proposed amendments and to build alternative pathways.

Why People Must Take Action Together

Due to the influence of private money at the WHO, a review in the Journal of Integrative Medicine & Therapy stated that the corruption of the WHO is the “biggest threat to the world’s public health of our time.” This is particularly true in relation to WHO drug recommendations, including its “list of essential medicines,” which a growing number of people believe is biased and unreliable. 

Moreover, even though WHO’s documents highlight voice, agency, and social participation as drivers of equity and democracy, it is unknown World Health Assembly delegates who get to make decisions for us. To date, 13 days away from the World Health Assembly 75, the secretive list of each country’s delegates has been not been published. This is censorship.

Given consistent evidence that WHO is heavily conflicted and controlled by various industries, its usefulness as a guide to public health must be critically re-evaluated, while alternative paradigms and models for ethical health guidance and human rights are built.

International Health Regulations


The International Health Regulations (IHR) was adopted by the 58th WHA in 2005 thru Resolution WHA58.3.194 member states of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2005. They enable the WHO to declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) if it decides that an infectious disease outbreak has occurred in a member state, but with the consent of the member state.

The World Council for Health (WCH) acknowledges this aspect of the current regulations because it recognizes the sovereignty of nations that adopted the IHR.


The International Health Regulations (IHR) are: an international legal instrument (WHA58.3) that covers measures for preventing the transnational spread of infectious diseases. This could also be interpretated as pandemics of : gun violence, climate change or any emergency to health to shut down.

Purpose and Scope: “to prevent, protect against, control and provide a public health response to the international spread of disease in ways that are commensurate with and restricted to public health risks, and which avoid unnecessary interference with international traffic and trade”.

Key facts

  • The IHR is legally binding on 196 countries, including the 194 WHO Member States.
  • The IHR  require countries to designate a National IHR Focal Point for communications with WHO, to establish and maintain core capacities for surveillance and response, including at designated points of entry.
  • IHR introduce important safeguards to protect the rights of travelers and other persons in relation to the treatment of personal data, informed consent and non-discrimination in the application of health measures.
  • 100% of States Parties – All 196 States Parties have reported on IHR indicators at least once in recent years.
  • More than 440 experts at the WHO – Rosters of experts established by the WHO Director-General under IHR include more than 440 experts.
  • 83% high-risk countries – 83% of high-risk countries in the Index of Risk Management have interagency preparedness plans.
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Primary, Primary, Get Informed!!!


Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving & Christmas! Spent Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania with family, it is good to be home! The jet lag from the drive and the Allegany Mountains is under control and it is time to PRIMARY!

MARK your calendars: February 3, 2022 candidate forum at the Hampton Inn – Bastrop 5pm – 9pm The candidates and their slotted times still TBD. So watch for updates!

Up and Coming : Primary Election – March 1, 2022 – You are the “term limiter”! This is the time to review that person in office, is he/she doing the job elected to do? Be sure and check out the qualifications of their challengers. Remember, no one is perfect, look for the person that will get the job done, Constitutionally, for Local, State & Federal!

We put alot of importance on those “higher” positions at the State & Federal levels…..BUT……the cleanup of government needs to start at the local levels first (ie): Schoolboard, County……Judges, Commissioners, Sheriff, Justice of the Peace, District Judges, Treasurer, District Clerks to name a few! BEWARE! NO ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE CAN DO THINGS ALL BY THEMSELVES! So take note of the promises being made!

These are the elected representatives that affect us right in our own community. And as representatives they should be looking out for the best interests in our community and stop any takeover from the State & Federal governments. Our government system was set out to be “balanced”. Sadly, over the decades we have become greatly caddywhampassed! The mule has become so burdened it can no longer carry the over, over, over loaded packload!

Then the State government should be next and the Federal government should be our smallest government.

So where/how do we get started?

What is a primary? “A primary election is an election used either to narrow the field of candidates for a given elective office or to determine the nominees for political parties in advance of a general election.” See more info:

Next! Make sure you are registered to vote. For Bastrop residents go to: There is a wealth of info pertaining to our County. If not in Bastrop go to your County Elections Administration.

Want to know which offices are up for Election in 2022?

Texas Secretary of State. This link gives the office up for election, term and notes of changes.

Who has filed?

Click on the link:

This takes you to Candidate information for Federal, State and County Fill in the blanks, for the office name, you will need to go back each time and fill in the office name for each office.

That gives you a start, I will be posting info as I find it, but be sure and do your own research. Look for their voting records, press conferences, interviews, websites, social media. Also, what is the job description of the office being sought? Will this person be able to do the job? This info could be pertinent on making decisions on whether to vote/or not for that candidate. (And please do share your findings) as the number of candidates are numerous!

Also, any donations would be greatly appreciated to help cover expenses on this project. Ways to donate:

Check – make payable to Bastrop County TEA Party Mail to: 122 Justin Davis Lane, Smithville, TX 78957

Pay Pal – Bastrop County TEA Party Or Cash in person. Sorry no tax deduction for your donation!

Have a very Happy & Safe New Year!

Terry Wareham – Bastrop County TEA Party

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Texas Republican Governor’s 1st Debate – October 27th, 2021

Greg Abbott’s recent actions as Governor have spurred three primary Republican challengers to.

These candidates are unified in one goal – replacing Abbott with a truly conservative governor.

Greg Abbott was invited to the debate, but his office politely declined to attend.

Allen West –

Chad Prather –

Don Huffines –

All of these men have garnered endorsements on the state and national levels, and all have the potential to make it into the run-off. Where will your vote lie?

Click on the link to listen to the debate:

If this will not play go to YouTube and google Texas Gubernatorial Debate Oct 27, 2021

Other News:

From the Texas Scorecard:

Tom Glass and Jen Bezner announce their candidacies for the Texas House District 17 seat challenging incumbent John Cyrier


Follow Up on Wednesday 10/21 Meeting

Greetings All!!!

The first meeting since Oct. 2019 was a fantastic success! We had great speakers and a very concerned audience with serious questions and some suggestions for involvement. Here are some highlights starting with the last discussion of the evening.

Constitutional Amendments. I did not type out the actual amendment, to read them go to:

Since 1876 there have been proposed 690; rejected by voters 180; 507 approved by we the voters! So 507 times the Texas Constitution has been changed. Now 8 more want to be added to the TX Constitution!


Amendment 1 – Consenses …. NO! Why does the TX Legislature need to determine what is a “sport” and then give permission to do a charitable raffle for their sport? In the 2nd paragraph of the background info the TX Legislature names the sports allowed to have charitable raffles….this amendment now wants to add Professional Rodeo! Maybe, in 2023 they will want to add soccer, cause that’s not on the list of sports yet? The critics of this amendment are afraid this will be an expansion of gambling!!

Amendment 2 – NO! Debt leads to more debt! Higher taxes for everyone else. There are other ways to solve this problem.

Amendment 3 – NO! But with some thought … This is already a Constitutional Right, listed in both Constitutions. However, the point was made it would send a message to representatives that we really don’t want this right messed with. But isn’t that like a stop sign that drivers run? To make a point we want drivers to stop, so we put up another stop sign in front of it + a red light!? We need to first know the Constitutions, put people in offices that will obey those Constitutions…..and then remember we are the “term limiters” and have them voted out…..not continue to keep them in office so we can keep our colored square.

Amendment 4 – NO … Already have provisions is place that voters can make qualified choices. (Let’s get the voters informed)

Amendment 6 – Yes/No … folks were split on this due to the covid debacle. This should never be a government decision!

Amendment 7 – Basically No … this seems to appear on the amendment list every other year. This legislation not an amendment.

Amendment 8 – No/Yes … This is a clean up of a previous oversight on a past amendment. This should be legislation not an amendment.

Get out and VOTE! For election info in Bastrop County: Other counties contact your elections administrators.


Outline of our Speaker Kathy Haigler on Election Integrity

The main take away for election integrity —- IS to be involved!

Start browsing the TX Secretary of States website on elections. Get familiar the site is broken down very nicely into segment and covers anything you want to know. Secretary of State – Elections –

Get to know your Elections Administrator, what they do, sometimes they need helpers. Bastrop is:

Let your GOP County Chair and or your Precinct chairs know you are available to help/volunteer.

Start by going to the GOP meetings, become a precinct chair, go to the Precinct, County & State conventions. Become a poll watcher, election clerk/judge, ballot board, just to mention a few things! Be aware of what’s going on when you just go to vote. What is going on outside the polling place, make sure things are only happening outside the 100 ft. marker, if they are not, report that to the election judge.

Being involved, knowing what to look for are the best ways to prevent fraud!!

Texas Changes in thinking and law:

In 2020 “if it’s not illegal, then it’s legal:

ZuckBucks * 24 hour voting * drive thru polling places * mass mailing of non requested ballots * 3rd party vendors * inconsistent curing of mail ballots * and the Governors order of extended early voting & allowed in-person of delivery during early voting

2021 Legislature – If it’s not legal and in the Election Code, it’s illegal:

to name a few …. no entity can contribute more than $1000.00 per election cycle * cleaning deaths & felons from voter roll – penalties * better training * clarified residency * Sept 1, 2026 all new voting systems purchased must have a verifiable paper trail

The best way to eliminate most fraud and criminal activities is to GET INVOLVED! No thief wants to take a chance of “eyes seeing or ears hearing”!

There is a lot of work that goes into an election, the Primary is the time to choose the person for the party. Republican in the Republican party, Democrat in the Democrat party. That’s why here in TX you need to choose which line to get in…….Please choose wisely and responsibly for your party!! Make sure that person is Constitutional and will follow the party platform! Otherwise, they won’t keep us coded red cause they are really blue.

The General Election is choosing whoever won in the Primary. Now it is between a Republican, Democrat, etc.


Candidates to date:

Filing does not official start until Nov. 5, however, candidates can obtain their treasurer and begin raising $’s for their campaign’s

Jennifer Bezner — will be running against incumbent John Cyrier HD 17 For more information and to contribute contact :

Don Loucks – against incumbent County Judge Pape For more info contact : 512 718 8094


Open Discussion from the Audience:

Get Involved: Commissioner’s Court Meeting – October 25, 2021 9 AM to 12 PM @ the Bastrop Court House: One of the audience members mentioned the Court House antiquities being removed. It is # 30 on the agenda, this is not and open discussion, but any citizen can fill out the participation form before the Court starts @ 9 am and speak your mind for 3 minutes. A special session of this discussion was held on Oct. 18, so I am guessing this is just a clean up/verification that will take place on the 25th. Full agenda
Commissioners Public participation form.


Texit –

A member of the audience brought up the Texit petition. For those that are not informed about this project here are some links to check it out. Remember this is just to see how many folks would be interested in becoming our own independent Republic.

Explained Representative page : Petition

 Dr. Jon Spiers candidate for Land Commissioner Will be the GOP’s featured speaker on Monday, October 25.
The meet and greet is at 6:30.  The meeting will start at 7PM.  We are meeting in the Community Room at First National Bank in Bastrop. ( Incumbent George P Bush)


The oldest state agency in Texas, the GLO was formed to determine who owned what and where after the Texians and Tejanos won independence. Today the General Land Office manages state lands, operates the Alamo, helps Texans recovering from natural disasters, helps fund Texas public education through the Permanent School Fund, provides benefits to Texas Veterans, and manages the vast Texas coast.

Based on the Senate District maps that just passed, Williamson County and Bastrop County will be the largest 2 counties in SD-5.  ****According to this map Bastrop will no longer be SD-14, but changed to SD-5.


Hope I covered everything! Remember you can blog on this site.

Also this will be posted to other social media platforms besides fb, feel free to go to any of those sites.


Terry Wareham – Bastrop County TEA Party