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How my journey began……

First of all let me say Welcome!

I began this journey when my daughter asked me to help with the history portion of her homeschooling adventure.  Let me state right here that history … was never my best subject, in fact, I really disliked it, thought it was a waste of time, memorizing dates, remembering odd explorers names, what would I ever need that stuff for????

First lessons were of the Pilgrims, why they came, studied the colonies, how they lived, dressed, we made food recipes, candles.  (Not the way I was taught)!  As I expanded the history lessons I soon learned there were a lot of things I had not learned, especially when we got to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution!  Things I took for granted, not realizing how much our government had over-stepped it bounds!  The 27 grievances of the Declaration of Independence was the first eye opener!  The 2nd was the follow-up of Liberty, Rights and Constitution…..not  just a piece of parchment, but, our form of government explained!  Realizing the abuses of government today, comparing those abuses in Colonial times that sparked the 27 grievances listed in the Declaration of Independence put a spark of fear in me.  We are quickly losing those liberties, the generations to follow won’s even realize what they lost! That old saying, “We are what we eat”, well,  we are and have become what we are told we are, those few fluffy pages or two in the history books just don’t explain our history!  Our inheritance of Liberty! Our Freedoms!  Our Unalienable Rights!   For instance, we have been called a “democracy”.  How many Americans believe that, including lawmakers?  Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution states we are a “Republic”.  The way to change that form is by vote……not calling and acting like a democracy till folks believe it, but by vote of the people. My investigations show we have NEVER voted to change our form of government!  But accepting socialists and communists into office shows we are losing our way!  How will they up-hold and protect the Constitution democracy, mob rule, spreading others wealth, on one being a better or under achiever that anyone else!!!!  These are not freedoms and liberties based on a Republic form of government!

So where do I plan on going with this journey?  My mission through the Bastrop County TEA Party is to get folks informed as much as I can on the Local, State and Federal levels of government, most of my info is miniscule, bringing alerts to folks in the hopes of setting a spark for someone else to get on fire do the research of their own,  make informed decisions and changes and spread the truth of history.

My principles are based on the Judea Christian Scriptures, with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  Without Him I can do nothing.

There are two major Scriptures I often use:

Matthew 12: 29 “Or again, how can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man”  Then he can plunder his house.”  NIV   This is what is happening to the United States of America, our Liberties and Rights are being plundered.

The solution:  II Chronicles 7: 12-22  I will paraphrase from the NIV.  Pray, repent, turn from our wickedness, and walk in the ways of the Lord.

Thank you!

Terry Wareham –                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Bastrop County TEA Party

Limited Government * Fiscal Responsibility * Personal Responsibility * The Rule of Law *
National Sovereignty * Constitution as the supreme law.

To promote education, civic involvement, open discussions and peaceable assembly on local, state and national issues. 
We urge citizens to take appropriate action to implement these ideals, especially as being active voters!


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