2nd Amendment Infringment, TX Legislature

Texas Sovereignty Act SB3 13 & HB 384

Honest Folks I have been somewhat frustrated, disgusted and annoyed, the Legislature will be in session for 140 day, already some 40ish days have gone by and very little has been done, except for honoring people, holidays and events……read the House & Senate Journals and see for yourself what has been done. https://capitol.texas.gov/Home.aspx

I kind of had a sense that when the Legislature came into session on Jan. 10, that there would be immediate actions on some of the most egregious issues needing dealt with. Like border shut down, reigning in the Governor on his over reaching unscientific covid mandates. Well, my bubble has been busted!!

Thousands pouring in daily! Where is this border that is being built, surely it should be slowing illegals down if it’s there!? Why hasn’t an “invasion” been declared by Governor Abbott yet?! I truly, thought Mr. Abbott was my best friend, I received 10 – 15 text messages daily during the Primary asking for $’s so he could do his job. Well with over 70 million $’s in his chest he should be have that whole wall of protection up and re-fortified! Why do we need to send $’s so our elected reps can do their job isn’t that what they are elected for??

As of February 26:

House Bills filed : Number of Bills: 3,328 : see bills filed filed: https://capitol.texas.gov/Reports/Report.aspx?LegSess=88R&ID=senatefiled

Senate Bills filed: Number of Bills: 1,501: See bills filed: https://capitol.texas.gov/Reports/Report.aspx?LegSess=88R&ID=housefiled

House Committee Members have been appointed by the House Speaker Dade Phelan who was voted into Speaker office (by all but 3 House Members) has managed to appoint 9 Democrats as Committee Chairs, this is like putting the coyote in charge of the hen house!

NOTE***Those Republican candidates that worked hard to get elected and then voted to put Mr. Phelan in as Speaker knew he was going to continue the practice of putting dems as head of key committees still voted him in as Speaker! There are only 3 that did not vote for him so it’s easy to know who did vote him in!

What is the purpose of the Republican Platform if the elected will not follow the platform? The Speaker gave many $’s to members campaigns, shouldn’t this be a conflict of interest??? Where is the censure of the Republican Party? https://texasgop.org/platform/

The one Chair that seems the most obnoxious to me is Joe Moody – D- from El Paso, being in charge of the House Jurisprudence. This committee pertains to all matters of criminal law.

Mr. Moody promotes: Black lives matter, red-flag laws, gun confiscation proposals, creating a registry of gun sales, soft on crime, against the death penalty. Has authored 42 bills.

Again! Why even has a party platform?


In order to push back on the Federal Government unconstitutional OVER – reach/spending/regulations/legislations/taxation using all the unelected 3 letter agencies, States need to take back our Sovereignty!

Please contact your Senator and House Representative on the urgency of supporting the Texas Sovereignty Bill

Authored by Bob Hall

It is SB 313, has been filed, read, and given to the Committee of State of Affairs https://capitol.texas.gov/BillLookup/History.aspx?LegSess=88R&Bill=SB313

It’s Companion is HB 384 and is identical https://capitol.texas.gov/BillLookup/History.aspx?LegSess=88R&Bill=HB384

The reason we need these bills passed is for the push back on the Federal Government, it reminds our Legislators they have this States Rights power, it reminds our Sheriffs that took an oath to the Constitution they are the last line of defense, that no federal agency can enter Texas because we are Sovereign and harass, arrest Texans without the permission of State and local permission. That would mean a proper warrant would be needed! This gives the Sheriff the authority to arrest any federal agency that does not follow procedure and inform the Sheriff first.

Please write to your Senator remember (Bastrop has been redistricted) our new Senator is Swertner. This is an important bill for protection of Texans. We want our Sovereignty back!

Write your House Representative let him/her know the importance of this bill.

For talking points read the bill, it isn’t long or hard to understand.

For more information on Speaker Phelan’s priorities The Texas Tribune has reported on a few of them. I think these are important but they are NOT the crucial issues that need dealt with first. If the border was dealt with some of these issues would be taken care of…..except for the “Democratic goals like the extension of Medicaid eligibility for new mothers to one year and the exemption of feminine hygiene products and diapers from sales taxes, in a nod to the bipartisan tone he has set for the chamber.” However, I would question how many of these mothers are legally is this State? https://www.texastribune.org/2023/02/23/dade-phelan-priority-bills/

Happy Watching the TX Legislature – Please feel free to give comments, add info, or any research done that you would like to share.

If we all do a little, a lot will get done!


Terry Wareham – Bastrop County TEA Party