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Primary, Primary, Get Informed!!!


Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving & Christmas! Spent Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania with family, it is good to be home! The jet lag from the drive and the Allegany Mountains is under control and it is time to PRIMARY!

MARK your calendars: February 3, 2022 candidate forum at the Hampton Inn – Bastrop 5pm – 9pm The candidates and their slotted times still TBD. So watch for updates!

Up and Coming : Primary Election – March 1, 2022 – You are the “term limiter”! This is the time to review that person in office, is he/she doing the job elected to do? Be sure and check out the qualifications of their challengers. Remember, no one is perfect, look for the person that will get the job done, Constitutionally, for Local, State & Federal!

We put alot of importance on those “higher” positions at the State & Federal levels…..BUT……the cleanup of government needs to start at the local levels first (ie): Schoolboard, County……Judges, Commissioners, Sheriff, Justice of the Peace, District Judges, Treasurer, District Clerks to name a few! BEWARE! NO ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE CAN DO THINGS ALL BY THEMSELVES! So take note of the promises being made!

These are the elected representatives that affect us right in our own community. And as representatives they should be looking out for the best interests in our community and stop any takeover from the State & Federal governments. Our government system was set out to be “balanced”. Sadly, over the decades we have become greatly caddywhampassed! The mule has become so burdened it can no longer carry the over, over, over loaded packload!

Then the State government should be next and the Federal government should be our smallest government.

So where/how do we get started?

What is a primary? “A primary election is an election used either to narrow the field of candidates for a given elective office or to determine the nominees for political parties in advance of a general election.” See more info:

Next! Make sure you are registered to vote. For Bastrop residents go to: There is a wealth of info pertaining to our County. If not in Bastrop go to your County Elections Administration.

Want to know which offices are up for Election in 2022?

Texas Secretary of State. This link gives the office up for election, term and notes of changes.

Who has filed?

Click on the link:

This takes you to Candidate information for Federal, State and County Fill in the blanks, for the office name, you will need to go back each time and fill in the office name for each office.

That gives you a start, I will be posting info as I find it, but be sure and do your own research. Look for their voting records, press conferences, interviews, websites, social media. Also, what is the job description of the office being sought? Will this person be able to do the job? This info could be pertinent on making decisions on whether to vote/or not for that candidate. (And please do share your findings) as the number of candidates are numerous!

Also, any donations would be greatly appreciated to help cover expenses on this project. Ways to donate:

Check – make payable to Bastrop County TEA Party Mail to: 122 Justin Davis Lane, Smithville, TX 78957

Pay Pal – Bastrop County TEA Party Or Cash in person. Sorry no tax deduction for your donation!

Have a very Happy & Safe New Year!

Terry Wareham – Bastrop County TEA Party