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In Memory of……..

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All those who took the oath -sacrificed their lives so future generations could remain free from government suppression!

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Do not allow them to have died in vain!
Speak out against the unconstitutional “critical race” theory being taught in our schools, churches, AND military!

Flag Officers 4 America

“Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt

History of: Memorial Day – Over 150 Years of Remembrance (U.S. National Park Service) (


Texas HB 3 Texas Pandemic Response Act



The Texas Legislature is in session and there is much work to be done.
Writing letters to your representatives, making phone calls and even possibly going to the Capitol!

This action call is regarding HB 3.
“An Act relating to state and local government responses to a pandemic disaster; creating a criminal offense.”
Short Title:  The Texas Pandemic Response Act

Bill authored by:  Burrows
This bill is 9 pages long… the governor more authority that previously had.  And not just the governor but local representatives also with just as much power!

“Pandemic disaster” means the occurrence or imminent threat of an outbreak of an infectious disease that spreads to a significant portion of the population of multiple countries or the world and that threatens widespread of severe damage, injury, or loss of life or property in this resulting from any natural or man-made cause related to the outbreak.

By executive order a state of pandemic disaster can be issued if the governor determines that a state of pandemic disaster is occurring in this state or that the occurrence or threat of a pandemic disaster is imminent.

This bill makes it the responsibility of  the governor for meeting the dangers to this state and the residents of this state presented by a pandemic disaster.

What iimminent threat could a governor want to keep Texans safe from??  What if the common cold, cedar fever?  These can be real problems for some folks!
He/she must give a description:
of the nature of the disaster
areas effected or threatened
conditions causing
How can any governor predict  a disease?  The area it will threaten?  And the conditions causing?

Why wasn’t covid “pandemic” the responsibility of all those practicing in the medical field?  Instead of the Governor stating we would be masked, distanced & locked down until a vaccine was available?  Especially, when there wasn’t one.

Why were treatments withheld that either caused the virus to be less sever or not contracted at all?  Why weren’t people encouraged to take supplements to help build their immune systems up?  Some that tested positive could not be treated unless they had pneumonia!  They were just told to go home!  Go home and do what????  Wait until they got worse, lhad to be hospitalized then report on those rising numbers to keep  Texas locked down longer!!

What government representative has ANY authority to stop treatments?  To issue pharmacies not to fill scripts of medicines for treatments?
OR….to decide what medical procedures were important or not?
There were doctors that spoke out and lost there jobs!!!!
The governor decided who was essential and who was non-essential!
Who could work and who could not work!
Which businesses were essential or not!

NO GOVERNOR SHOULD HAVE THAT AUTHORITY!  AND this bill gives more power than what we endured thru covid!!!

So then at what point would a governor be able to tell when there is no more immiinent threat???  That could be years, just like we are hearing now!

No one person should have as much power as this bill would give!  Reminder if this bill were to pass it would be in effect for any Governor that is in office!

Please read this bill!   Texas Legislature Online – 87(R) History for HB 3
It is in State Affairs committee
Hearing testimony March 11   Schedule Display (

Instructions:  For those persons who will be testifying, information for in-person witness registration, can be found here: 

A live video broadcast of this hearing will be available here: 

Instructions related to public access to the meeting location and health and safety protocols for attending this meeting are available here:

Texas residents who wish to electronically submit comments related to agenda items on this notice without testifying in person can do so until the hearing is adjourned by

Then be sure and write your House representative and Senator..  This is not a good bill, and needs stopped in committee!

Reigning in government must start now!

Terry Wareham
Bastrop County Party


We the Voters are the Term Limiters

Are you ready to vote?  Know who the candidates are?

Early voting starts February 18.

Election Day March 3

Well with all the talk of “term limits” this is a good time to remind ya’ll       YOU ARE THE TERM LIMITERS!
Don’t allow one more right to be taken away from “We the People”!

It is extremely important to vote in the primary where the candidates in your party are chosen.  So, if there is a career incumbent that needs removed, the primary is where you “term limit” and vote for the person opposing him/her.

The voters have a responsibilty to stop voting for the highest party fundraisers, the most recognizable name, especially knowing those who do not vote Constitutionally or even with their party platform!

President Trump cannot drain the swamp if voters continue to keep the swamp mucked up!

We do not need a term limit amendment that takes away another right, we need VOTERS to step up and do the term limiting.  Get your candidates name out there!

Please see below a candidate I would recommend you spend some time getting to know.
If you want changes to our government now is the time!

Candidate: United States Senate – Dwayne Stovall
Incumbent – John Cornyn

I have provided links for both candidates to help you make an informed decision!

Stovall Platform:
Facebook:         Texans for Stovall @TexansForStovall
Calendar :

NOTE:  January 31,

Dwayne will be in Luling Tx for a Meet and Greet at Uncle Wiggleys Restaurant on downtown Main Street at noon on Friday, Jan 31.   Please come AND spread the message to others.

John Cornyn:
Liberty Score Votes:
Vote Smart:
Politics that work:

Additional information:
Offices up for election in 2020:

Candidates guide:
See you local Elections Administration for sample ballot
Bastrop County EA :
Campaign Finance Reports: