We the Voters are the Term Limiters

Are you ready to vote?  Know who the candidates are?

Early voting starts February 18.

Election Day March 3

Well with all the talk of “term limits” this is a good time to remind ya’ll       YOU ARE THE TERM LIMITERS!
Don’t allow one more right to be taken away from “We the People”!

It is extremely important to vote in the primary where the candidates in your party are chosen.  So, if there is a career incumbent that needs removed, the primary is where you “term limit” and vote for the person opposing him/her.

The voters have a responsibilty to stop voting for the highest party fundraisers, the most recognizable name, especially knowing those who do not vote Constitutionally or even with their party platform!

President Trump cannot drain the swamp if voters continue to keep the swamp mucked up!

We do not need a term limit amendment that takes away another right, we need VOTERS to step up and do the term limiting.  Get your candidates name out there!

Please see below a candidate I would recommend you spend some time getting to know.
If you want changes to our government now is the time!

Candidate: United States Senate – Dwayne Stovall
Incumbent – John Cornyn

I have provided links for both candidates to help you make an informed decision!

Stovall Platform:  http://dwaynestovall.com/platform.php
Website:          www.DwayneStovall.com
Facebook:         Texans for Stovall @TexansForStovall
Calendar :         http://www.texansforstovall.com/calendar.php

NOTE:  January 31,

Dwayne will be in Luling Tx for a Meet and Greet at Uncle Wiggleys Restaurant on downtown Main Street at noon on Friday, Jan 31.   Please come AND spread the message to others.

John Cornyn:
Liberty Score Votes:  https://www.conservativereview.com/scorecard/john-cornyn/
Vote Smart:  https://justfacts.votesmart.org/candidate/key-votes/15375/john-cornyn
Politics that work:  http://politicsthatwork.com/voting-record/John-Cornyn-300027
Ballotpedia:  https://ballotpedia.org/John_Cornyn/Committees

Additional information:
Offices up for election in 2020:  https://www.sos.texas.gov/elections/candidates/guide/2020/offices2020.shtml

Candidates guide:  https://www.sos.texas.gov/elections/candidates/guide/2020/index.shtml
See you local Elections Administration for sample ballot
Bastrop County EA : www.bastropvotes.org
Campaign Finance Reports:  https://www.bastropvotes.org/elected-officials/campaign-finance-reports/

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