Another Election Contest Filed in Texas

Voter fraud is becoming a main issue, voters wondering if our vote is really going to count?  Please check the links below to get informed on fraud issues and what can be done!

Thank You!

Terry Wareham – Bastrop County TEA Party

If we all do a little,,,,,,a lot will get accomplished!

Dr. Pressley, the founder of True Texas Elections, LLC, prevailed in an historic election integrity case in the Texas Supreme Court with evidence of electronic vote tabulation corruption.

Dr. Pressley,  holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin, holds 4 US Patents in semiconductor device technology.

Unprecended numbers of election lawsuits in Texas are being filed that allege mistakes, illegalities, and potential fraud committed by Texas election officials. These election cases are non-partisan, civil lawsuits filed by voters:

  • May 2019 – A civil mandamus lawsuit filed in Dallas requesting a district judge to direct multiple Dallas County Election officials to follow election tabulation security laws – case is pending.
  • June 2019 – An election contest filed in Dallas challenging the results of a $1.1 Billion bond election because of so many ballot discrepancies, illegalities in central counting, and computerized tabulation audit log errors – case is pending.
  • December 2019 – An election contest filed in Midland because a $569 Million school bond recount showed over 800 ballots were missing plus other computerized ballot tabulation issues – case is pending.
Add One More Election Contest To the List
Contest Challenging A City’s Charter Amendment Election

Click on the link for full details:


Other filings and articles by Dr. Pressley:
Getting Ready for 2020:
Did Dallas 1.1 Billion Dollar Bond Really Pass:

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