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Gun Confiscation Coming in Virginia?

Happy New Year!

Too bad when the old year ends all the problems of that year don’t end with it so the new year is able to start with a clean slate!  But, that isn’t reality.

When I first got started in the TEA Party one on the original founders of this group came to me and said, “now Terry, you only want to deal with taxation, don’t go off the rails, the taxation is due to over-spending!”  Well, that gentleman has passed and I agreed with him, still do.  But, in all reality what is NOT taxed due to over spending?

Over-spending is a reaping of our elected representatives on every level of government, whether it be Local, State or Federal due to greedy mis-managment and over reach of power/authority.  All levels have their hands out for federal dollars, when the feds give dollars not theirs to give we the people end up paying higher taxes, we then  become so OVER – regulated, legislated thru taxation and are passing a great amount of debt onto our children, grandchildren & great grandchildren!

When legislators (our elected representatives) can over step their job description in over spending why not be able to over step in infringing on the Rights of citizens also??

Consider the State of Virginia,

The Governor and Virginia Legislature are considering a State wide confiscation of guns as the Democrats will be in control as of January 1, 2020.

Please listen to the the bills being proposed, if this feat is accomplished consider a wide sweep across the the United States.  We should in every State of this Union be appalled at the audacity and boldness of the Governor and the legislature of Virginia.

Please get active in protecting our Constitution and Bill of Rights in 2020!

We cannot afford to allow this to happen in the United States of America with a Republic form of government!

Only under a democratic, socialist, communist form of government does this happen.  It appears there are many in our government that believe that is what we are!  We the people have never voted to change our form of government, let’s remove those from office that will not follow the original Constitution.

I truly hope and pray this will be a happy new year!


Terry Wareham – Bastrop County TEA Party

Matthew 12:29 How can a strong man be robbed, unless he is first tied up!  Then he can be robbed!




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